Certified Kombatan Legacy Instructors

The following Instructors have fulfilled the requirements to receive permission from Kapatiran Mandirigma Headquarters to teach the curriculum of Kombatan Arnis as created by GGM Ernesto Presas Sr. and GM Shelley Millspaugh. Certified Instructors are required to renew their Certification and be in good standing with KM and MAK Grandmasters and Masters, every two years.

Kombatan Wichita - Wichita, Kansas. (Flagship School)

Grandmaster Shelley Millspaugh  

Senior Master Vincent Pernice

Guro Larry Slayton

Guro Zach Myers

For more info, contact GM Shelley at sanduko@gmail.com

Kombatan Colorado - Loveland/Fort Collins, Colorado 

Guro Bryan McAulay

Guro Doug Schmidt

Kombatan Kansas City.

Master Jason Sullivan, Guro Richard Mann, and Guro Ben Thomas.

Contact Ben Thomas at thomassage@gmail.com 

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Senior Master Jeff Sprawls 

Joplin, Missouri

For more info, contact GM Shelley at sanduko@gmail.com

Master Damon Abraham

Seattle, Washington

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Kombatan Florida - Fort Myers, Florida

Master Dan Lowman

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Flow Strikes NoVA - Washington DC / Virginia

Master Jhun Occidental and Guro Tom Saysithideth

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Kombatan Kansas City - Kansas City

Master Jason Sullivan

Certified Kombatan Training Groups 

The following groups are allowed to teach the Kombatan Curriculum under the guidance of their respective teachers.

Kapatiran Mandirigma of Ohio (North Canton / Columbus area)

Guro Steve D'Aurelio.

Contact Guro Steve D'Aurelio at daurelio34@gmail.com 

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For more info, contact GM Shelley at sanduko@gmail.com