Pananandata & Pasundan Pencak Silat Seminar (POSTPONED)

Post date: Mar 12, 2012 4:32:02 AM

Joint seminar with Master SPENCER GEE (Pananandata Arnis) and Bapak Guru ISMAIL SUJADI (Pasundan Pencak Silat)

This is a fantastic opportunity to see two great masters under the same roof for an awesome weekend of martial arts. Join us on Saturday and Sunday as we explore the arts of Pananandata Arnis with Master Spencer Gee and Pasundan Pencak Silat with Bapak Guru Ismail Sujadi.


Pencak Silat is the Indonesian martial art founded on Java Island and is practiced by the many Sundanese tribes in the area. This island of West Java is home to many styles including Pendekar, Cimande, Harimau, and Pasundan Pencak Silat.

Ismail Sujadi was born in Bandung, Indonesia (West Java) in 1959. His career as an artist/painter has brought him all over the world. However, growing up in Indonesia he was instilled with his people's moral values, stories, and dreams which he carries with him wherever he goes. He began his study of Silat at the early age of six, learning his family's original style from his father, grandfather, and uncle. This style was inspired by the local energies and wildlife of West Java adopting movements from the many animals (Tigers, Eagles, Monkeys, and Snakes) and from the natural elements (water, wind etc). This system contains many styles, movements, and short forms and also trains in multiple weapons such as the Golok, karambit, short stick (tongkat pendek), knive (belati), Keris, and even the Sarung (Sarong) and Topi (hat). This art focuses not only on the external martial aspects, but internal breathing, energy, and healing as well.


Postponed: Date TBD


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Pananandata is a martial art that originated from the Tagalog regions of Central Luzon in the Philippines. The concepts and methods of Pananandata include the art of fighting with weapons. Using pre-set as well as free form combat routines, practitioners of Pananandata train with one another or alone.

Spencer Gee represented the US in 1981 for the first Wushu tour to the People's Republic of China. He is a personal fitness trainer, aerobics instructor, and instructor of traditional Kung-Fu at Two Worlds fitness Center in Greenvale. He is an instructor under Eric Al Leigh, in Pankration, the Martial Art of all Powers; and under Professor Amante P. Marinas. He is a Master of Pananandata, the Filipino art of weapons. Mr. Gee is currently studying Brazilian Capoeira and Gracie Jujitsu; and is also serving as an adjunct professor at Hofstra University under the auspices of Professor Joe Buebenas, for the Tai Chi and Self-Defense courses given there.